They Say We Are Inferior

Edip Harabi (late 19th c.)
Translated by Jennifer Ferraro & Latif Bolat

O Muhammad, they say we are inferior—
Where is it men got this mistaken idea?
They disgrace the Prophet's family
with their false claims and blasphemy.

Our mother Eve—is she not a woman?
Beloved Khatija*—is she not a woman?
The Prophet's daughter, Fatima—is she not a woman?
Isn't the Qur'an full of praise of them?

These pure consorts of the pure of heart—can they be any less?
Whoever calls women inferior cannot reach the Truth.
You wouldn’t expect these ideas from one who knows.
Who is it that gave birth to all these prophets of Truth?

God didn’t do something absurd in creating us.
We don't accept being seen as somehow less.
Women raised every saint who has walked the earth—
I dare you to accept it.

Don't think this world can't exist without men—
Think about Mother Mary even once:
She gave birth to the glorious Christ, fatherless

O mankind, we are more courageous than yourself
because we show respect to you out of love.
We travel together with you on the Path…
Leave all these empty claims behind.

We may look different from you in our dresses.
In reality we are not trailing behind you.
And we warn you, we don’t consider it courageous
to claim we are inferior.

Did Muhammad, the Chosen, come from a lesser being?
Did Ali the valiant, come from a lesser being?
Beware, do not call your mother inferior—
What she prays at night might change your life.

Listen carefully to the speech of Zehra.*
O men and Knowers of the Truth, tell us…
Didn't we give birth to all the Masters
who led you on God’s Way?

© Jennifer Ferraro, & Latif Bolat, 2007

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