My Wishing and Yours

By Jennifer Ferraro

Carried under your wing unseen
my life has flowered according to your desire
that looked like mine;
When you tended my wounds enclosing me,
gathering my strength again, you cupped my life
in your hands with a tear in your eye
full of deepest wishing that I might become
the sunflower that stands open to the sun;
In the quiet night my wishing and yours are one…
and now, full of gratitude to the brim, I am
finally remembering the pact we made
that shaped my nights and days unseen.
Full of love as a babe full of milk,
quiet, satiated—I am face to face
with the fact of your grace which permeates
this place of mysterious accomplishment.
Heart of the world, beloved,
you have brought good things to my doorstep;
and now I am bowing to you with my whole life…
We are here to become sunflowers
ever-facing and resembling the sun—
In the quiet night my wishing and yours are one.

© Jennifer Ferraro, 2002—All rights reserved.

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