Poems and Pyrographs
by Jennifer Ferraro

List Price $15
ISBN 0-615-12276-0

Published by
Sacred Face Publishing
Santa Fe, NM, 2002

Trade Paperback, 76 pp
Monochromatic illustrations

Praise for Divine Nostalgia:

From Southwest Book Views (Autumn, 2003)


“ The poems unfold as spontaneously as good conversation and somehow slow us and quiet us down, each one becoming the only poem in the world. Sensually honed and extravagant, the collection is filled with bold and delicious writing that floats tenderly between the layers of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy…

Great poetry can alter the way we see ourselves and this collection certainly accomplishes that. It can also change the way we see the world. This work calls forth our deepest being and bids us to live by its promptingsā€¦ The poems in this collection encourage us to wake up and love and to open our eyes to the wonder of what is around us, to the wonder of what is deep inside the human heart, and above all, to be awake to the presence, the sensation of our own being, in the midst of it all.”     Read the full review here…